all in good stride!

Well, as they say, just when you feel like you are hitting your stride, it's time to leave.  But that, in this case is a good thing.  Lydia and I climbed so much (and I failed on so many problems) that we can't even lift our arms to buy a coconut and even if we could our skin hurts so much we wouldn't be able to clasp it, which is really too bad, because coconut water is one of the worlds greatest power foods.  Yesterday I tried to attach some photographs, because lets face it, this blog thing kinda sucks without some nice tasty fresh imagery to tag along with it.  But, I regret to say, I failed at that as well and this keyboard has never felt so abrasive.  Ouch.

But trust me, I got some really kick ass photographs.  I even took the famous Cory Rich photograph of the Pilrimage boulder, a classic, it's the boulder JOsh used for his poster of the video.  That's a funny thing here really, there are a bunch of people here who have little or no interest in exploring much, the big thing is to tick the films climbs.  It's sort of like a bible here and a digital guide book.  I am happy to say that I have ticked many of them myself, but so far, nothing in the 8a range or above, just don't have the proper skin or the proper power, ha ha.  But screw it, it's all fun as shit – so on and on we go.  Actually, the truth is, Dave Graham and Paul Robinson, Daniel Woods, those boys would have a field day here, Ive seen like 10 open projects all V13/14 or harder,  so goooood, really proud lines.  Maybe next year, they say it will start to get too hot to climb at peak potential by the end of Feb.

Okay, last letter before boarding a train to Mysore, 12 hours will drop us off in the Ashtanga Capitol of the WORLD.  Here, I shall stretch, breathe and abandon my patagonia pants for Lulu lemon short shorts.  Kidding,  I would never be caught dead in Lulu lemon pants, and if you respect your manhood niether should any of you.  The girls look sexy in them and the guys look wrong.  No offence, I'm not saying that you're not a nice person or even the very best person, I am simply saying that men in tights is not an attractive look, exactly.  But hey, this is just one opinion of some guy and it means as much as sewer rat vomit, which there seems to be plenty of over here in the India, but it's sacred vomit, so it's okay.

Next entry, Mysore India.  Namaste.


  • emon

    Hey Sonnie,

    Speaking of men in tights–we got a whole bunch of them down in your home turf this week for the Nordic World Cup in Canmore. Lots of men in spandex in public–shudder–(and they think it’s OK,which is the part that baffles me!), but they’re good folks with killer lungs.

    Safe travels to you both!