A public scene

Hampi was worth everything. It is worth the 1700 dollar plane ticket, it is worth the 18 hours of air plane time. It is worth the additional 8 hour train ride and the 12 hour wait in Bangalore. It was also worth the horrifc amd possibly slightly humiliating experience of nearly crapping myself in public.

Quick story, Lydia and I found a nice little resturant in the MG area of Bangalore, we ordered a mix-match of stuff and two diet cola’s. About an hour later, I had a movement that was fairly unexpected. It felt as though a storm was turning on my insides and I needed to find relief FAST. I talked a guy into letting me inside the bowling alley by convincing him I was looking for a friend, I ran to the toilet. I went another 6 or 7 times over the next few hours, yikes. Some people travel to India and never get sick, I managed to get sick within 6 hours of landing. What a rip off. At the train station, we found platform 8, but on the far end there was no toilet and I got hit with another episode something fierce. I took a plastic bag around the side of a dark building, still, lot’s of people roaming around, but I was in the shadows, so there I was ready to reveal it all and join the ranks of other travelers with my very first public display of defecation. Just then, the train we were boarding rolled to a stop, and I zipped up, ran onboard and put the facility to good use.

I know it is not a pleasant story and with any luck you found it somewhat amusing, but if you are reading this part, it probably means you read the above part, but it is a fact of life in India and I am prepared to accept everything it throws at me. I swear you’ll never appreciate your own north american toilet so much after touring around this land and seeing what filth these places seem to accumilate. If it wasn’t so rad here, colorful and beautiful, I would consider going home early. But hey, things are looking good, we got a nice hotel in Hampi, downtown, it’s clean artful and the locals speak good english, so, needless to say, life is good and the coffee is as good as any I’ve ever had. Well off to see the boulders now, YAHOOOOOOOOO!

until next time.


  • MikeStripes

    Funny, I don’t have to go to India to experience that same thing you had!

  • sonnie

    Ahhh, but you wish you did, my bodacious fellow friend. Say hi to apes and stay away from those raisin bran muffins, har har.