Joy with Joe

T'was the day after Christmas and all through the house,

a sigh of relief from a friend, from a spouse,

The shopping is done, the traffic is dead,

The aching is gone from inside your head,

Nothing but slippers and a log on the fire,

I got socks in my stocking, Santa's a LIAR,

But family is home and there's snow all around,

No work to be done, the joy we have found,

I hate being cold, it reminds me of ice climbing,

But Christmas is worth it, so that's why I'm rhyming,

To the mall they go, my neighbours "The Tuckers"

The madness is over, Boxing day is for suckers,

End the consuming and the waste we bring,

Spend time with loved ones and hear your heart sing,

Go for a walk, a stroll throught the park,

Or down a black alley, alone in the dark,

But no computers, on this special day,

So, I'll shut this thing down, this poem sucks anyway,

But amidst all this dribble, I just want to say,

Come to Joe Rockheads for friends and for PLAY,

Tomorrow is the night, that's the WORD on the street,

Take a cab if you like, or walk with your feet,

Don't fake it on Facebook, it will be a real party,

Thursday the 27th, maybe we'll see Marty,

So come out for fun and put the presents behind,

Don't think about work or the daily grind,

And if we don't see you, it's because you're a chump,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


  • Suzanne

    He’s a poet and he didn’t know it.

    “Merry Christmas” to you too Sonnie, even if it was yesterday. I was skiing Whistler yesterday and today, and it was fab!

  • owen

    well shit, if only i had read this a couple days ago. I just happen to be in TO right now and I was at joe’s on friday. You gonna be climbin any other days whils’t your here???