Who knew?

Well, I’m not going to lie, I had no idea the Bow Valley could be so much fun in winter. Now, usually I’m not affriad to admit that winter sucks and I hate being cold. But damn if we didn’t crush it this week, ha ha. On Thurs we left for Lake O’Hara. We drove up north west of Lake Louise and locked down the parking brake. A 12 kilometer ski tour will bring us into the ACC ski lodge around 6pm, pitch black. I made the mistake of wearing downhill ski boots locked tight around my ankles for the entire 3 hour uphill approach. It nearly killed me. But since I had not been on skis since I was 14 I really didn’t know any better – and my so called ‘friends’ decided it wasn’t really necessary to feed me this little tid bit of information. But, aside from the aching hip flexors and the flesh eating blisters, skiing IS pretty fun. Not as much fun as snowboarding, but pretty fun. That night we went through a few bottles of wine, a tasty dinner and a vicious game of Yukor (a.k.a Euchre, and if you’re not sure how to play, ask someone from Ontario). All 12 of us fell asleep on bunk beds to the sound of a roaring fire. Dawn rolled in around 10am and we were slow to get on with the day. Breakfast, coffee, and one or two mandatory ski lodge roof drops. Small yes, but mandatory nonetheless, nice work Andy, looking good. The tour back to our car took no more than 2 hours, mostly down hill, cruiser with ski’s and poles, not so cruiser with a split board. But alas, everyone made it home safe and relatively sound.

Sat (last night) then brought down the house with the Canmore Ice Festival afterparty. Held at Communitea Cafe with music by DJ.Cary Chang and DJ.EJ. The theme was tight and bright. Outrageous. So much fun. Still, it was minus 25 outside but we were warm and drunk on the inside.

Lydia and I leave for India in a week, well, our first stop is Toronto to see the folks and to climb at Joe Rockheads, with any luck it will be warmer than here. But then, off to India Jan 2nd. I can’t fucking wait any more for the hot summer temps and the local food, no meat and bottled water only, and hopefully more granite than my finger tips can handle and the sandstone at Badami, Oh my. Oh My.

“Money doesn’t talk, it swears.”

“A person is a success if they get up in the morning and gets to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.

Bob Dylan

I’m out, cheers Y’ALL.


  • pete

    pssssst Sonnie… it’s “euchre”…

  • sonnie Trotter

    Ha ha, that’s hilarious, I actually googled the spelling because we heard two different answers, that’s the one that kept popping up, so I went with it. Thanks for looking out for me Pete. Euchre it is then. See you soon.