Here is a question I often ask myself. Does one have to be shameless to self promote?

I struggle with this all the time, always have, and although I don’t particularly enjoy self promotion, I am beginning to believe that it might be necessary, to some extent at least. I think we as a society or even as human beings do this all the time. If you work for a big corporation (or a small one for that matter) do you think you will get a raise without being noticed by the Big Cheese upstairs? I mean, you can’t just sit in your drab little corner cubicle all day long twisiting wax into your mustache and expect to obtain a boost in your career, can you? If you want to move forward in this world, it takes a certain amount of self respect and when someone does finaly make a breakthrough and gets that ‘big promotion’ (there’s that word again) it is celebrated, it’s not only accepted, it’s encouraged. But if an artist, a musician or an athlete promotes themselves, because let’s face it, nobody’s about to do it for you, then it’s considered (by some) to be shameless.

I think that’s bullshit.
I had a friend who went on a date last week. He asked me if he should change his clothes, he looked fine to me and I told him “She’s going to like you for who you are, not for what you wear”. He changed his clothes anyway and I asked him why, “I just don’t want her to think I’m a total bum”, to which I replied, “But, you are a bum”. You see, my friend was no fool, he dressed up in fancy clothes to promote himself as an attractive person. Can you blame him? Even if you’re trying to sell your car or your house you wash it and make it smell nice so you can get top dollar for it, don’t you? We even use big fancy words in a resume to impress the bossman and make him/her believe that we are inteligent people, people that he should hire and then later on promote. We brush our teeth dammit.
Sure, this topic is one collosal fuzz patch, a grey area if you will, but let’s bring it back down to earth for a second, if you are true to yourself, then that’s all that matters I think. If you try to trick people into thinking you are more than who you are, well that’s just being fake and downright fraudulent and you will either feel guilty about it or get called on it, either way it’s a dead end (a learning experience yes, but a dead end nonetheless). But imagine you had the cure for cancer, but lacked the ability or the confidence to tell anybody, the world would spin and life would go on. But imagine you could share your cure and you saved millions of peoples lives, then what? Or on a smaller scale, what if you had the ability to make people feel really good about themselves, wouldn’t you? I don’t know these answers, I just know that we don’t do any good by lurking in the shadows. But, this is all just a matter of opinion and while this website may be shallow, it’s still mine and I’m allowed to express my random often bewildering comments. So on that note, check out my new video, HA HA HA. Will Stanhope this one is for you my good friend. A little Santa Barbara bouldering slash So Cal styles. Fo’life. go to…

and click on the clip that says Lizards Mouth. If watching another lame ass video clip of some lame ass boulderer with lame ass rap music in the background makes you want to run full tilt into a brick wall, then simply fast forward the first minute and a half, besides the really juicy stuff is at the end. Wiggedy whack.

Go, be shameless, you have my full support.
  • hey, someone tell that lanky kid to stop getting in the way of sonnie in the video..

  • sonnie Trotter

    Dude, where you at? I thought you were supposed to be here in the bow Valley, swinging your ice tools around? Give me a hollar if you ever get here, you can crash here for a few days.

  • Ellian Bell

    I’ve only just ‘found out’ about you as a result of some article in a magazine that prompted me to be nosy and seek further info…. and so far I”m loving what i”m seeing, hearing and reading! Moreover, this world most certainly needs more people like yourself that are not afraid to express their opinions, even when they’re not totally sure of them. tis real Bravery. =0) and on that note, I agree completely, more people should go ahead and be shameless. If anything, as a human population we spend far too much time being ashamed of ourselves! Not only are we beautiful, but we’re smart incredible at surviving, adapting, loving and above all striving. We’re more impressive than we give ourselves credit for being! Of course there are always a few idiots who do the opposite, but lets not let them spoil it for the rest of us, especially when ‘it’ is our confidence.
    . Keep smiling and striving

  • Sonnie Trotter

    Hey Ellian,

    Thanks for the comment, you are kind. I think you understood what I was trying to say perfectly, thanks for the additional examples, you’re right, we are good at surviving aren’t we and we need to give ourselves a pat on the back every once in a while. I hope you are having a beautiful week. Cheers.