Yo Yo Yo!

Okay first things first, I apologize for my lack of new entries and for my atrocious spelling.  I was abducted by aliens and when I got back down to earth (after a vicious examination) I came home to my laptop only to discovered that my dog had eaten it.  Bummer.  But now I got myself a new desktop computer, one of those big screen, flat sexy machines that can do twice the work load twice as fast.  Somethings in life just need to be upgraded like computers and bad wallpaper and then again, some things don't, like family pets or an old leather baseball glove.

Anyway, I want to say two quick things before you go on your marry way and explore the day.  One, Sean McColl kicked ass at the Kelowna Tour De Bloc Comp.  That boy needs to expand, get out of B.C and get into World Cups with the rest of the elite.  Any sponsors out there?  Also the comp was a bitchin success, thanks to Mike and April for putting on such a monumental event and for inviting me to route set and congrats to all the competitiors who pulled hard and smiled all day long.  That was the best part for sure.  The music was pumpin, the girls finalist put on a rowdy performance and pulled as hard as most of the boys.  Nate Woods put his shoulders to work and came out in second but for full results check out the Bloc webpage or the BTC site.  In regards to the finals, I sincerely appologize to anyone who got stumped trying some of the problems, they were often mind benders not crimp ladders and for that we're sorry, it will never happen again (insert straight faced lie here).

The second thing i wanted to mention was that I am now 28.  It's funny because for about a year I've been seeing some reports saying that I was already 28, don't know where that came from but now it's officially true.  I got many nice e-crads from imaginary friends, and I even made a cake for myself.  My mother and sisters called which is always a nice surprise and sushi and saki never tasted better.  my girlfriend bought me a stylish pair of new ski goggles for all the powder and I also got some new music for my CD collection.  The funny thing about getting older is that it gets easier.  Maybe it's just me, but when I was 23 I didn't want to age another second –  24 was a very hard thing to accept and 25 was even harder.  But something changed at 26, I felt nothing and now, I am beginning to see the way.  Aging is a beautiful art and it takes practise.  Hopefully someday (before I kick the bucket) with much dedication I will become a master of aging, an expert if you will, nothing makes me happier than to see elderly people walking briskly down the street, friends and couples alike locked in arms.  Or the older folk down at the rec center, swimming endless laps, not to mention circles around me and my battered ego.  A few years back, I didn't have the imagination to see myself living past 30 or 40, those years were of no concern to me.  But, now I realize that nothing is what it seems and we all have the capacity to shift our perception, this realization, (as small and insignificant as it may seem) is a big one for me, because I now know that I can never say something with an absolute attitude, or matter of factly, because most likely that view point will shift with the days that pass.  A new experience, an old perspective.  Being stubborn or judgemental is for the youth.

And here is something else.  Old man strength.  I didn't believe it ever before,  but I think I am beginning to tap into this a little bit, if just a little bit.  The other day, I opened a jar of pickles that I couldn't open just a few days ago.  You see, it's all happening, soon I will join the ranks of Ben Moon and David Clifford, both of whom are climbing V14 at 40. Or what about the ancient legend of Mike Dolye who climbs whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Or check out Knut Rockne, the dude always looks the same, he hasn't changed since I met him like 8 years ago, he's got a secret I know he does.  These man are my hero's.  Chris Sharma is strong now ya, so are hundreds of other 26 year olds, but I'm more excited for when he hits 31, like Wolfgang Gullich was when he started to get really strong, that's when we'll see climbing take it's next leap into the future.  As for me, I still got lofty goals and they are only a matter of time.


Okay, so that was a lot more than two things, so sorry.  I hope ya'll are having a killer awesome day and if not, do something about it.



  • will

    Don’t forget the best part of becoming an old man: dad skills. The ability to pick up a burning stick from the fire and maneouvre it around to a new spot.

    I’ve tried lots of times but only given myself minor burns.

    Good on ya for opening that pickle jar. Proud.


  • pani

    Happy birthday, I come across your site and I found it worthy to read, by the way don’t worry about aging, it’s all good. I had been worried about it till 26 but now that a year passed I feel 27 is really much more better. I feel free of any unwanted thoughts and my mind gets cool & calm, I climb much better now…

    Buttom Line: “We didn’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing”

  • pete w

    happy birthday sonnie…

    nice that you’ve seen the light, getting old ain’t so bad at all, your mind starts to go on you, but hey it’s not like anything really important was in there.

    we just came back from Font, where countless 55 year olds are strolling up V10 before breakfast, and opening pickle jars for the youngsters.

  • Suzanne

    “Forever Young” and “Young at heart”; are what you are when you act, think, behave that way, and are still enjoying yourself and living life to the full no matter what your age :))

    Friends of mine used to get fed up being told to “grow up!” by their parents, and their response to that was.. “I don’t want to grow up”, and it’s much more fun that way 😉

    I’ve had more fun as an adult in some ways than a child, racing go karts with a group of friends (engineers); 4 teams of us, all evening on day, down the Falkland islands; we raced until the tyres went bang! (wore them out) then it was time to go home. Hilarious :))

  • Suzanne

    One more: A boyfriend, while I was in the RAF drives me fast down the motorway to a service station. Then takes me to these simulator motorbikes, and tells me, “we’re having a race!”. I didn’t mind.

    So I whipped his butt 10 times. By which time he got really frustrated and asked me, “How do you do it?!”

    Do what? I said.

    “How do you beat me every time?” he asked.

    I told him, “it’s easy, you just floor it, then slam the bike down on its side as you hit the bends and don’t slow down”.

    Then I tapped him gently and said, “It’s okay, you won’t fall off and hurt yourself”.

    Then he insists we race again, and when he beat me once, told me, “right I won!, now we’re going home”.

    Daft bat.

    “Happy Birthday” by the way.

  • sonnie Trotter

    Hey Ya’ll,

    well thanks so much for the birthday wishes, and I wish you a happy birthday as well, possibly much belated.

    Pani, I love that quote about playing and staying young, I’ve never heard it before, soooo good. It’s a funny paradox, I find most things in life can be reversed like that, Ben Harper does it in his music all the time in his lyrics, so does Sheryl Crow, like “it’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you have” these things are all cheesy and cliche, but they represent two things to me, One, it’s a reminder to think positively, about how perception can dictate the direction your life is going, you can bitch about what you don’t have or what is wrong or smile and appreciate the things you do have and what is right. It’s that simple I guess.

    The second thing is that it reminds me that you can’t have good without evil, you can’t have light without dark, this too is an amazing thing about the complicated world we live in. It’s a game of balance.

    Will, don’t burn yourself too much, wait until you’re a dad. A young lad your age should not be clutching red hot burning ambers, it’s just not right, besides I need you next summer to help me get up some big rock faces.

    Pete, I am so jealous that you were in Font, bastard. Hope you had fun though.

  • pete

    … so i shouldn’t tell you we were there for a month?
    tons of fun, lots of wine.

  • Apes

    Did you get our song?? now that is what i call Shameless. Happy Belated Birthday again!

  • Sonnie Trotter

    Apes, you and Mike are the best singers i have ever heard, thank you so much for the B-day song, I saved it. I never heard the F-bomb used so many times before, it was sincere, thanks a mill. Until next time – Much LUV 2ya.


  • Old Man Strength?! Old Man!!! I’ll show you old man strength!

    Happy Birthday Sunshine, can’t wait until you’re 30.