Worlds Best Climbing Comp

I don't know about you, but when I hear Mike Shannon (aka Slamdog) from Beyond the Crux is throwing down a comp, my nipples ring.  DId I just say that?  Whoa.  Well it's time again to get serious about getting strong, and the Tour De Bloc is making sure you do.  Check this out,

This weekend the big showdown is in Kelowna,  everybody is going to be there so if you don't come you will probably cry about it later when everyone talks about it – for like the next fifty years.  To shed one tear is too many.  Get in somebody's car, borrow a skidoo, hijack a plane or steal a bus, whatever it takes.  Beyond the Crux who is also partly responsible for those mega freshies from Sequence are going to pump out some new plastic joy for ya'll, so it would be a shame if you didn't stop by for a squeeze.

Don't pretend like you don't know where K-town is, they have an international airport now so they legit and everything, no excuses. I'm packing my bags as we speak, hope to see ya'll there, it's gonna go off.  (psst. Kelowna is the city in the purple region).


  • Apes

    Sonnie, YOU are the BEST!!! So awesome!!! Made us laugh our asses off!!!! Can’t wait to hang with you soon!!!

    Mike and Apes

  • Suzanne

    It sounded good/ or you did.

    Some of us had to work you know..

  • Apes

    Thanks again for all your hard work! You and Rossy rock my world!

  • Suzanne

    Not long back from seeing this band live in Vancouver:

    Seems the Canadians love them as much as we all do back home.

    If you ever get a chance.. go and see them, they were fantastic, absolutely amazing! Had a front row seat stage ticket, and I swang and sang my head off! :))