This time of year kinda sucks.  My motivation is to do anything always falls short this time of year, it's cold, the nights are long and it's just not all that inspiring.  But, there are ways to lift oour spirits, Holloween was one of them,  good excuse to party in Banff.  I feel bad, I didn't put any forethought into my costume therefore I ended up with some half ass mock, while Ross on the other hand, came prepared as a personal excersise instructor who apparantly speaks spanish and forget to tag his upper lip when shaving.  But whatever, it seemed to ladies liked the mustache after all. We joined up with three friends from California who all came out for thier first real Canadian bar hop.

Banff was cool, lot's and lot's of very "hyper" young people, some good live music and costumes better than I've ever seen, we went to this one bar called Wild Bills or something rather and we saw it all, I felt like I was on set of a the latest Star Wars movie, it was hard to decide who'd win best costume.  My buddy Jake wanted to give the honors to a lady dressed as a golden shower,  very clever and then there was the kissing booth, which is done every year, but this guy went all out and eanred some respect, he put every once of energy into his costume and it showed, every detail was perfect and I can see why some people don't dig masks, all you have to do is pay the money and voila, you get whatever you want, some people think Holloween should be about creativity, not so much about spending money on a boring mask.  But, there were some masks out there that I just couldn't get over, so amazing in detail, I felt like I was in outer space.  So, now that I have recovered from that night out and cured my hangover, I am here three days later to say happy holloween and don't forget to turnt hem clocks back an hour, except for you Saskatchy people, I think your clocks stay the same.  DOn't they?

   Jacket and Jeans by Patagonia –             200 dollars.

                                                                     Spandex by adidas from thriftway –         2 dollars.

                                                                     headband by Smith, from our friend Liz –  donation.

                                                                     Green Hair by Slim Shady –                   donation.

                                                                     Cigarette in mouth, FAKE.                     no cost.

                                                                     One night in Banff,  –                           PRICELESS.

  • Suzanne

    Nice, even better when you can behave as you like and not be recognised, most fantastic party I attended was down the Falkland Islands, and I went as a St Trinian School girl :))

    Check out this one for costumes:


    Next year I’m going for it!

    Talking of turning the clocks back, I knew it was close coming, I’d turned up at work 1 hr earlier, they asked me what I was doing here? But I got another hours nap in (at work) instead. Still I wasn’t the only one who did that 😉 Better early than late I say.

  • Liz

    I wondered where that headband would end up!