We are now in Yosemite Valley.  I have to say, I never liked the Valley before, I was always disgusted by the tourists, the buses, the people, the traffic, it felt like a small city and that was not what I was looking for.  But this time around everything is different, I'm not sure exactly why, but there is less of everything, the weather is stout and the place has a village charm, I am thoroughly enjoying this visit and the climbing is world class, from the biggest of walls to shortest of boulders.  It's easy to stay disconnected here, computers and cell phones are the very last thing we want to see, so I am to keep this post short.  We are heading up Cathedral today I believe, some classic 5.10 or 5.11, whatever and then we plan to boulder in the afternoon around camp 4.  SO EXCITE.

I hope the fall weather is as good for everyone as it is here in the valley and if you haven't been here before, make it happen.


Green eggs and ham.


  • Apes

    Absolutely LOVE the pic!!! Looks like a postcard!

  • Suzanne

    Warmer there. Very nice 🙂

    Will visit there at some point, not before my Coloradom ski trip though :)))

  • Suzanne

    Colorado, that typo was the computer not me 🙂

  • owen

    That is my dream to go climbing in yosemite, hopefully i’ll get there one day ;P