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One day after a hot cup of coffee and before getting out to Cougar Canyon, I get this email from a freelance writer who owns a website called the gear junkie, nice guy he is. Anyway, he askes me what my favorite climb in the U.S. is. I told him, since i was not allowed to use Freeway in Squamish, that I loved the Naked Edge 5.11 in Eldo Canyon and the East face of Monkey Face. total classic rock climbs. A few weeks pass and I get these links, he interviewed quite a hit list of folks. So for todays blog of sorts, if anyone has a favorite climb in the US, I would love to hear form you. I am leaving for California tomorrow and looking for a nice moderate hit list. Take care.
Thanks for your help with my "10 Best Rock Climbs in the U.S." 
story, which was written originally for and picked up 
today by MSNBC. Here's a link to my blog on it.
And here are direct links to the story. . . 

Thanks, Stephen Regenold
  • Tennessee

    Hey Sonnie,

    Haven’t done tonnes in the US but I absolutely loved the moratorium in Yos. Check it out if you get the chance…

  • Apes

    My favorite crack is the crack on the south face of the Mike Shannon mountain range.