A new day

My sincere apologies for the lengthy rant below. It seemed to me, at least, the time had come where I just needed to express everything about the climb.  I felt a responsibility to properly inform climbers of the who, what, where and why's.  It just seemed as though there were so many questions and it the time had come for them be answered.  You will not hear another peep from me reguarding this subject.  It's dead.

On a brighter side, my girlfriend and I had the day off, so we took to the trails of Castle Mountain. It was my first journey into the area, and it did not disapoint.  From the parking area the whole mountain looks like choss, waiting to fall down, when you finally get up to it, only most of it looks like choss, the other 20 feet is actually quite good.  Orange, blue and beautiful.  There was a tad bit of scrambling involved, but who could ask for a better day outside in the Canadian Rockies, the weather was, well you know and we could see all the way towards Banff and all the way to Lake Louise.  Mmmmmm ski season is approaching.

Lydia and her big smile.   Does anyone know anything about this overhang, it's probably loose, but damn it looks like fun to climb, Eh? 

I think this is called Pilot.  At least that's what she says.

It's amazing what photoshop can do huh?  No seriously, this is what it really looked like,  no seriously.


  • Ken

    Skiing!!! Yeah, now we’re talking.

    I enjoyed reading your “It’s right to be Wrong” comments. Thanks for taking the time to clear things up.

  • Sonnie Trotter

    Sup Ken, thanks for taking the time to let me know. Now go, NOW, and ski until the back hurts, the knees ache and the smile is permanent. I hiked up to the tower of Babylon today and there was much snow indeed, it’s going to be a good season.


  • Suzanne

    And we are definately in the right place for skiing :))

    Europe on the other hand is thinning out; look at last winter for example. Most will be looking to ski here now; or the States.