Most Dayz

Most days I look at my life and I say what the hell am I doing living in Camore?

I mean to be honest I just can't afford this town, everything is expensive, rent, realestate, food, cheese and the machanics here charge more than the guys in the city do, only because they know that can.  Everyone has this attitude that the only the rich live in Canmore and they don't even live here, they usually live and work in the city.  But I'm not here to bitch about that, If I had the money and job security to have both, I'd probably think about it long and hard, work and live in Calgary and ski, climb and play in Canmore.  Good for them.  but me, I moved out of my van last summer only to find myself in one of the most expensive resort towns in the country.  CRAP.  Nice move.  Smart.  I am constantly looking for the next town, the great place that has it all, beauty, climbing, skiing and community.  It's not an easy dream, and I am trying hard to live it everyday that i can. I know I want a town less than 100 thousand, more than that is too big for me.  I know I don't want to commute to go climbing, walking would be best, like my friends Marc and Sierra in Smith Rock. they literally brew some coffee and walk down to the crag about 200 days per year and it takes maybe 15-20 min at the most, now that is living a good life.   They smile more than anyone I know.

I thought of Golden, Kelowna, Penticton, Squamish, Pemberton, and even back home, like Owen Sound and Collingwood.  But those places are kreeping up the forbes list as well.  So for now, i am stuck in paradise, poor yes, but today when I went walking around the trails across my street, I had a moment of pure fulfillment, I didn't want to be anywhere else but here.  I wish I could tap into that more often, trying less and less to be somewhere else and just be perfectly content with being right here, right now, even when I can't buy cheese and my van is broken, it's nice to be surrounded by beauty.  I included a few pictures I took today on my walk.  Heaven on earth and a snap shot will never do it justice.  Oh, by the way I heard Sean McColl climbed some V14,  damn, proud, I hope it wall tall and beautiful and not some 2 move sit start spooge fest, I just get more inspired when people look for those big bad ass motha fucka's, climbers like Jordan Wright and Ethan Pringle, not scared to get after it and pull down when ankles and femurs are on the line.  I'm not certain it's the first time a Canadian has done V14, (Jordan, Lev, Doyle, Doyle????)  but I stil think it's pretty sick. COngrats.

I'm out. 

  • Suzanne

    That’s because you’re living in a rich area; well I feel for you. The UK is even worse, especially London, no one can afford a property there. You’d make a good fortune being a rock guide with your skills; sorry if I got that wrong and you are already.

    Lucky I bought my flat in Scotland when I did, as prices have gone up all over the country now. If my flat in Scotland had no tennants in there ongoing, I’d happily let you and your gf stay there ‘for free’ whenever you visited Scotland, still within 10 yrs it’s paid off.

    I live close to Squamish now, so I’d willingly help you out if you and your gf ever needed a place to crash. Friends back home had me staying at theirs alot, when I’d visit them in London, and vice versa they are always welcome to stay at mine.

    Squamish is not bad to purchase compared to many places locally. I’m looking at purchasing there within the next 2 yrs (investment), but I won’t change jobs, so would be looking at renting it out ongoing; or one room and keeping the other for me so I can stay there on my days off to go climbing 😉