Total Bummer

Well, I regret to admit that I will not be going back to Scotland this fall, or more importantly Spain.    Arghhhh.   There are a few issues leading up to the decision not to go and I won't go into them, but money was involved, or shall I say lack of it and timing was ogg as well.  But I supose when you think about it, everything in our society comes down to time and money so there isn't any real mystery here is there?


I was petty excited this year to go back with the beta already sussed out.  The climbing is so good and with a few days of blue skies I think I could have had a really great shot at it.  But alas, it will have to wait.  I was also really looking forward to climbing with James Pearson, (who is also keen to try the route and the only guy in the world who can flash V13 more than once).  I don't know him, but by the sounds of his finger strength he may be comperable to that of James Litz and Dave G.  Crimp  It would have been great motivation to see him float. Crap, my fingers are getting sweaty just thinking about that 5.13 finger crack down low, one of the best I have ever seen my life, so good, soo goood.

Whatever, I am going to make the best of the fall regardless.  There are some pretty amazing days left over here in the Bow Valley and I want to take full adevantage.  Also, my buddy Will and I are discussing a potential trip to Yosemite, the Valley floor I hate, but the Valley Walls I love. We shall see what comes of it all.  Gotta go make more coffee.



  • L.

    Learn from Harv Eker. IF you apply his wisdom for freedom PLUS wealth… money will flow like water. Trust me, you should be on your way to Scotland and Spain in style. yes

  • Apes

    Hows the coffee??? DO you need anymore???? I hope to see you again soon and to finally meet your cute little lady friend.

  • Sonnie Trotter

    Thansk 4 the tip L. Who is Harv Eker, sounds like somebody I need to meet. “Money will flow like water” from which country? Right now it seems like I’m in Dakar and the rivers dried up years ago. Maybe I should try moving. Scotland has been postponed until May. Stoked. Hopefully by then I will have discovered Mr.Ekers wisdom to freedom and wealth. wish me luck.

    Sup Apes,

    Best damn coffee I ever had, and now I’m in the good books with the lady too. We have enough fresh roast to last us three months, can’t thank you enough. I’m trying to get a few people stoked on the comp in November, so keep some floor space available, ha ha ha. xoxox.