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So, I'm home again, and although the Rockies are freezing cold it's nice to sleep in my own bed again and wake up to the alpin glow of Mount Rundle.  The beauty of the Rocky Mountains never gets old to me. 

For the past two weeks, I was in Squamish working on trying to pass my Assistant Rock Guides Exam.  There were 8 of us in the group and although it was a hard week, in terms of focus and execution it was also a boat load of FUN.  The guys in the group made the week pass much easier and I think we all came away with a better understanding of climbing, the joy and the risks involved and people in general.  Thanks for that everyone.  The fact that the weather was splitter didn't hurt either.  

I did so many new cool routes, like Jungle Warfare, Birds of Prey, The Great Game and Angels Crest, all very classic and worthy climbs.

Here are some pictures I took from the course…

Mr. Bourdon demonstrating the Rescue System,  looks complicated in the pic, but flows quite nicely. 


Olivier, Luc, Jason and Jamie, all paying very close attention.


In other news, the recent thread on Gripped has seem to slowed down a bit, it was actually quite interesting at first,  then it became kinda funny and towards the end hilarious. The funny thing about debating ethics is that there is no win or lose,it seemed to me at least like some of the peope on there actually had the drive to try and WIN.  As though their opinion was better.  That's the funny thing about it all, at what point will it stop being interesting and constructive and turn itself into a dog chasing its own tail.  Eventually, most people just let it go and carry on with their lives,  just like the last guy said, screw it "I'm going climbing".  Now that's the attitude.

As the season quickly changes, I hope all of you get to be outside, bathing in the sunlight and loving every second of it.  Me, I think I may head back up to Yam and see what kind of fun we can dig up.  Best wishes.




  • Suzanne

    Hello Sonnie,

    well you were wise to just ignore ‘their crap’ and move on; responding on that site is pointless, as many others before you have also found out, never to return again. They have a habit of ruining anothers thread.

    From all I could see, you made a huge achievement, and some of them just made themselves look like complete idiots from the way they reacted, nothing new there. It’s like you say, they just feel they have to win all the time.

    Ever get the feeling that they may just be a little jealous?

    What a bunch of losers they are, I mean winners.

    Many on there are regulars that always act that way, to the point you just think, why did I even bother with that forum in the first place?

    Hilarious is correct, just laugh at them. if you’d reacted to them you’d never hear the end of it, they’re like a little bunch of children who get a kick out trolling. If they did annoy you a bit; well just remember they have a habit of doing that to people, not just to you. Some of them have no respect.

    Yet, that attitude of “screw it I’m going climbing” would be far more mature.

    So, then you ask yourself the question, “are they really climbers?”

    Well there are better sites to post on than that one; that would also show you alot more respect.

    Happy climbing 🙂

  • Suzanne

    And personally, I’d rather bump into you and your friends climbing; than any of them.

    Positive, friendly, happy, decent people are far more attractive than the negative type.

  • sonnie Trotter


    Thanks for the kind words. Your comment about “are they really climbers” made me stop and think a little deeper. There may be some truth to that after all.

    You seem like you have very positive energy and hopefully with any luck my friends and I will bump into you and your friends at the crag, we’ll laugh and climb and forget all about the bullshit of our darker human counterparts.

    All the best.


  • Suzanne

    Hi Sonnie,

    no worries, and if I bump into you and your friends climbing, “that’d be totally awesome!” as you Canadians say 😉

    Those I climb with are nothing like those entertainers on that gripped site, and they too pointed out to me; that they are unlikely ‘true climbers’ but more likely pure talkers. Yes, there’s alot of truth to that when you think about it. Those that are truly good at something never tend to brag about it or put others down, yet they get noticed and earn alot of respect; whereas those that brag or put others down, are just trying to prove something to themselves and tend to only let themselves down as a result.

    Besides, you’re a far better climber than them so I’d rather be friends with you anyway, ha ha!

    I have been laughing hugely at them, as has everyone I know and informed; who, like myself, have little time for those types who are more likely than not just jealous of some quality you hold, and which they clearly lack. Still you can only hold pity for that type, they are just going to end up lonely in life if ‘narrow minded’ and judgemental is how they choose to be.

    I studied my dissertation on bullying personalities at the Bodleian library in Oxford, U.K where I’m from; and those were the main factors I found.

    You carry on, you earn much respect for being the “better” sort of person you are, and for all your amazing climbing achievements you hold. You’re to be admired.

    I’ll never reach your level of ability, currently trad lead climbing at 5.8; and started climbing last year as my friends already were, and encouraged me to. I’ve not looked back since.

    I’m happy in life, no baggage, no issues, no regrets; and like you, I have great friends and only wish the best for them.

    I bet I swim faster than you anyway 😉

    Swam at representative level at boarding school, and made the Surrey County trials; then later swam at representative level for Strike command in the British Royal Air Force; came joint 3rd in the RAF swimming Championships so officially should have been swimming for the RAF. Also; raced a year at skiing with the RAF ski team in the alps, and 70mph on your feet is a bit scary in a downhill race.

    During my RAF life, I also won my first mountain bike race, didn’t know it until I was presented with a medal at the end, which was amusing especially as most were bragging at how expensive their bikes were beforehand, and they were more expensive than mine. But then it’s the fitness and technique that counts, not necessarily the price of the goods.

    Not won any since mind you. And not racing nowadays.

    Your personality rocks, as does your website Like you; I tend to make friends easily, hold a positive outlook, naturally make people laugh, and am a ‘people person’ as all that know me were so quick to point out. In fact, they told me I should write a book about my life as it would be ‘really funny’.

    So it certainly isn’t ‘us’ who are going to be lonely.

    Well “take good care of you”, especially when climbing 🙂

    I’ll be keeping an eye out for you and your friends while climbing; especially as I’m now living and working over here on a permanent basis.