Serious Problems

So, you all know the story I'm sure, you've all been there, hurting, crying, asking impossible questions and feeling stuck on the bottom of the ocean floor, but I shall bore you with the details of my pathetic situation anyway.  Two days ago, after brewing myself a strong cup of Kona Blend Coffee and sitting down for some length of time to add another rambling to my blog chapter, I proceed to fall to the ground in frustration, grab a dirty smoke from my buddy Paul and walk outside to vent, to burn, to let go of all my problems.  

It's not a big deal really, but at the time, there seems to be nothing worse.  The world may as well have raised it's ugly arse and sat on your head.  On that particular day, I had written a relatively long, thought provoking entry and at the same time when my skinny thumb pressed the submition key the window popped up telling me I was disconnected from the NET.   SNap.  I lose it and lose it some more.  That ever happen to you?  An extensive highschool report maybe?  A long drunken hostile e-mail to your ex?  Or maybe a proposal that you forgot to back up?  SNAP.

So I needed some time away from this damned machine.  But eventually, we heal and here I am.

Okay, not much to report.  I am now In Squamish B.C. and guess what?  It's pissing cats and dogs – again.  Myself and seven other lucky bastards are here to be examined for our Assistant Rock Guiding Certificate.  We need to know all that crazy stuff, like what to do in an emergency if you drop your Gri-Gri by accident and how to treat your clients with dignity.   I would like to rewrite the manual persoanlly,  it would go something like this…


Step #2.   See Step 1.

So with all the rain, I have little to report.  I talked to Miss Portman and she has no more 'Save The Planet' videos so looks like a crap entry,  eccept for this little tid bit…  

Now we all need to keep this somewhat hush hush, ha ha, no seriously,  but there is a new climbing area outside of Kelowna.  It's on crown land and will at some point likely get bought up by some developer who wants to turn the whole park into a rubble pit and sell the rocks as tiny little rocks and make lot's of money, an on and on we go.  Welcome to the real world.  BUt, if the community can do a good job at developing this area, promoting it in a healthy way and gain a voice, it could be a super climbing destination.  Right now there is basically nothing developed,  well, I shouldn't say that, but there is more and more to discover all the time.  Don't get me wrong, it ain't no Hueco Tanks and it is certainly no Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, but damn it is good and there is lot's of potential.  I found about 25 – 50 boulders untouched.  There are some routes too but they are short, like Gritstone style.  

Quick story 4 ya,  there was this rad little bolted arete maybe 40 feet high.  It went free at 5.12d from the first bolt, but was still a project.  I solved the opening boulder problem and continued up the headwall in bouldering mode, just like the Brits, it was a wonderful feeling to topout sans cord, a highball, 5.13a/b or V7/8 but more like E7/8 or French 8a, perhaps 7c+ on a high friction day.  According to John Bachar and his soloing scale it's probably closer to Zone 2, but after spending time in Eldo Canyon I feel more comfortable rating it VS, then Zen Master Mike asked me what his Holiness Sharma would think of it and I came to the realization that Chris would not rate it at all, so I might just skip the whole messy process and go make myself a tasty sandwhich instead.

Here is a picture of one of many new boulders waiting to be scrubbed and climbed,  if you come to visit, say hi to Mike Dee'z at the Crux CLimbing Gym.  I hope I don't get my tires slashed for this.