A message from Natalie Portman


It's Saturday,  awesome.  Saturday's are rad, but they are also very busy in the Bow Valley.  This week we have special guests,  crimp master David Graham, Joe Kinder, Isaac Caldiero, and photo sentation Keith Ladzinski,  wish them luck on their limestone tour.

Yesterday we went up to Yam to try a new route, it was the best day ever, but we didn't make the climb.  Lev Pinter, Keith and I hiked up around noon,  we started climbing around 2:30pm and had ouselves a gas.  The route is 400 feet and overhangs about 30-40 ft, the amount of air and exposure almost rattles our confidence,  but we pull it together and make it happen.  Pitch 1 – 5.12 –  brilliant hand traverse.  Pitch 2 – a very thin very technical 5.13b, crimpy. pitch 3 – another 5.13 power over a bulge,  awesome and fun.  Pitch 4, a techy 5.12 with an exciting finish (stay left).  We freed it, but not clean.  I hope to go back soon and finish it.  It's going to be AMAZING.  Ask Lev he'll tell you.


Okay, Sat is a good day for doing things other than climbing, like yoga and slacklining and riding unicycles,  but before I go, I will leave you with this tidbit of information,  SAVE THE PLANET.  I heard something interesting the other day,  everyone always says, save the environmnet, save nature,  but that's bullshit,  the environment will survive and nature will continue to evolve long after we are dust and empty and nothing, so if you want,  save your children and your childrens children, save the human race and let's all try and make it easier for mother nature to do her job.

Here is a message from Natalie Portman that i found the other day.  My girlfriend had the honor of sitting beside Natalie this winter in India during a yoga class in Mysore and she told me that Natalie was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen,  and since I think Lydia (my girlfriend) is the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen, I found this comment to be all the more interesting.  I guess that is why they get Natalie to host commercials like this,  it's good and although i don't want to sound like a green preacher, I do at the same time.  check this out and enjoy.