Deep Water Soloing, in ALBERTA ? ? ?

So,  it's Saturday again, imagine that.  All them Weekend Warriors are coming out to play.  Which is good, because most of my best friends are weekenders.  Just to recap a tiny bit about the Lake Louise Project.  I am sure some of you have heard by now, or even seen the ropes up on Wicked Gravity Wall,  well, I am trying to climb a new route up there that I am TOTALLy in love with.  The deepest kind of love.  It's a brilliant climb with two variations, one goes left at 13+ and the other goes right at 5.14.  I have no reason to complain, falling off is the best part of hard climbing,  it releases those feelings that we are after,  close, but not close enough, you're good, but not good enough, it's that balance point we are all searching for, the thin line between trying too hard and not trying hard enough, wanting the climb and understanding that it owns you, it's not the other way around.  We are searching for the perfect wave, the best ride, and this ride just happens to be 45 meters high, with 60-80 foot fall potential.  It is, for me at least, a special climb.

BUT…if fun is what you are after, then check out this new deep water soloing area.  Actually it's not new at all, but it had certainly seen a flow of new young blood and things are happening,  it's bat shit crazy fun and it seems like the Bow Valley is where everyone wants to be this summer.  Fred Nicole was here and Dave Graham is on his way.  Nels and Lil Jay from Saskatoon, Katie Brown from way down south and it seems the peeps just keep coming.  Which is good and bad.  RIght now we got this place to ourselves and nobody wants to see it turn into a jungle.  Like what is currently happening with Squamish, or Thailand or blah blah blah,


Argggg,  TOURISTS.  The only negative thing about climbing so close to a road is that everyone wants to stop, take pictures and gawk.  But, hey, it's a trade off because the hike (unlike the other areas around Cnamore) is 1 second long. 

NEVER AFFRAID TO MAKE A STATEMENT,  Nels R. sports a fine snakeskin skull cap.


JASON CRANKS OUT AT LEAST TWO OR THREE FIRST ASCENTS AND SMILES WHEN HE'S FINISHED.  For anyone interested, there's got to be a least another four more lines of harder climbing to be done,  any takers?


Damn,  those are some tight five tens, but no pain no gain.  Lev getting into an uncomfortable situation, followed by cold and wet.






  • Maureen

    I was just up in that neck of the woods, and can’t believe that you guys are just plopping down in the water! I mean, I’m all for swimming in the Atlantic in february and shit, but between the Kicking Horse and Lake Louise and the Bow River, I about froze my eyeballs off! Good on ya!

  • joe blow

    Looks like a bunch of puff’s

  • My that looks like good fun! The Levitator looks cold tho… Moab now has shallow water bouldering…moab, summer bouldering destination – wait…what?! 🙂
    Nice site sonnshine and good job on the proj!