Cold Mountain

Whew –  Home again, finally.  Did a 15 hour drive back form Salt Lake City and nearly crashed in the process.  Two things were memorable, one the Customs agent we got was a beautiful woman, she asked us a few short and snappy questions and when we said something about a rock climbing vacation, she lightened up, letting us drive on through with a big white smile.  Unlike our last pass over the line which took an hour or so to sort out, i can't stand those boarder control freaks.  Thank god there are at least a few good guys out there, representing for the kind people of the world.  I understand they have a job that needs to be taken seriously, but everyone knows you don't need to be an asshole to do a job properly.


The second thing that stuck out in my mind was arriving at Tim Horton's Coffee shop.  Two words.  Hell – Ya.  I think I may have a mild addiction to Timmy Ho's.  Medium double double please.

So now we are home.  The worste part about getting home in the laundry,  I fucking hate laundry.  Oh well, no use in bitching about it,  plenty of bigger and better things to bitch about, like politics and the health of our environment.  So there is no denying the sunshine here, but how about htis cold front.  Crap.  It's like winter here all of a sudden.  I have to wear a sweater inside the house,  but like my friend said, it's gonna make climbing temps just perfect.  So there is always that.  I got a few projects on the go, so I can appreciate the sticky friction.

 Here are a few pics from out latest trip.  Just some stuff. Like the broken down van in Kamploops B.C.  stupid fuel pump.  Thanks again Simon.


A typical California Feast after a night of whiskey drinking.  The patagonia crew, SO Cal style. 




Before leaving Ventura California,  Big Willy had a big idea to jump off the famous you know what.  Highly Illegal.  This picture is og Wily thinking hard about the concequences.  Cory stands guard.




The point of NO RETURN. 




A friendly chat with the Baywatch cast.  Dude.



From there we hit up the Needles, which was total shit.  bad weather, rotten rock and too hot, too cold and roughneck camping.  Here is a pic of Cory on Pyromania a route that both Willy and I managed to free climb during our four day stay.   As you can see,  total crap.




And no climb is complete without the mandatory rap.



Thats all for now.  I got go do laundry,  yipppeeeeeee!