So, I am in Santa Barbara tonight. We are having a Whiskey drinking contest, I have to defend Canada by choosing the Canadian Club brand, I hope I don’t screw it up, I got a little pressure, Big Willy Stanhope already got it wrong, I’m the last defender of our country, I’m sure I have little hope, all Whiskey tastes the same to me anyway, all in good fun.

We went bouldering too, Lizards Mouth. A place that is way better than most give it credit for. It’s like Font, super good sandstone.

Okay moving on to the point of this ‘riveting’ blog. pictures. My friend Jamie CHong, who helped me design and upload this site has added a new feature. I’ve been getting crazy letters about the lack of pics on my blog, well here is the first one, a sample. Jamie, between climbing hard routes, flashing V10’s and ticking off 5.14b’s managed to update this for me, big thanks. He did say however that it may not work on Safari, so Internet Explore and Fire Fox no worries. If you don’t have them yet, maybe now is the time, here is a link that worked for me…

Okay, this is just a test, if it works it will be a picture of Big Willy after he realized his rope has a new core shot. Bummer.

Hope you all R having a sick weekend so far, get off the confuser and get outside.


  • Sonnie,

    Wait for the message that says “uploading your image…” to disappear and turn into the link to your photo. You’ll see it change. I’m cleaning up your blog a little bit. Sorry about the confusion.

    Jamie .

  • Sonnie Trotter

    Thanks Jamie,

    Got it figured out, you rule. I wasn’t waiting for the pic to load long enough. From here on out, it’s a new kinda web site.