What good is a road trip without a break down. My van kicked the bucket today, it’s a sad day. Cory and I on our way to Squamish for a granite session and Ka-bam, we blow a fuel pump outside of Kamploops. Simon Griffin of the famed long board company saved our asses and we are crashing on his couch tonight. Tomorrow the Canadian Tire opens at 7:30am, we’ll be there at 7:15 with bells on.

On another note, My good friend Nevin Rossasen is getting married tomorrow, Give him and his future wife good vibrations if you can.

That also means that Nels and Lil Jay are also in town, Lev and I and the Saskatoon boys have been having a blast at the Lake and deep water soloing up at Grassi.

Okay, early morning, bed time.