My girlfriend Lydia and I needed to get away from the Big City life in Canmore, Alberta. The place is beautiful and the climbing is plenty, but it feels more and more like a small city. We needed an ESCAPE.

We drove Radium Hot springs then north to the Bugs. We wanted to find a beautiful camp spot near the river which we managed to do. This place is full of color, green grass, green trees, bright yellow and red flowers, blue sky, white snow, and some of the worlds most stunning rock formations.

That night, dark lustrous clouds rolled in and over the range. It was the most electric storm I have ever seen. lighting bolted every 4-6 seconds for well over three hours. The sky was as bright as day, flashes of white light across Snowpatch Spire made me feel as though I was in a horror movie, scary faces.

The next morning was a pleasant as any. Slim and I awoke to find our friend Mark driving his truck up and down the roads. We asked him what was up.

“Dude, it’s so fucking epic” He said.

“What’s up” I asked again.

“How did you get up here?” He shot back.

“We drove up last night and camped – WHY?

“The road washed out a few hours ago with all the rain. You’re stuck”

As it turned out, the road washed out in FIVE different places. Lucky for us the food truck made a late evening delivery the day before so the Lodge is stocked.

We are still in the middle of it, and yes there is a slow but working internet connection here. So, what turned out to be a sweet escape from Canmore turned into a NO escape from the BUGS. ha ha, it’s WICKED.

Some of the guides here at the lodge told me there are worse places to be stuck for three days. I said, “Shit, I don’t think there is a better place to be stuck”

Yesterday around 2pm we hiked up to the Hut in less than two hours, then up to the Campground and then again up to some 4th Class Ridge traverse, which was super dope and if you’ve been there before I won’t try to recreate the view with words. We snapped some pics, played with solid white granite boulders and headed back down before dark. Oh and I ran into Danger Dan, he’s working trail maintenance, big smiles. Round trip, about 6 hours, sore tight muscles today and we’ll do some reading and some yoga while they work on the road. They say maybe tomorrow, but not likely, don’t wish us any luck, I am in no hurry to get back to Canmore, this place is paradise.

Talk to ya next week.