So, It’s been hot here in Canmroe as of late. Pretty Damn hot in fact and truth be told, I love every single second of it. I have always been a warm weather lover. My body fuctions better for some reason, muscles more relaxed, less prone to injury.

I recall this one day in France climbing with the great TC, Tommy Caldwell. We and couple other buds from Colorado spent two months in Europe, a sport climbing bananza. On our 5th day at Ceuse it snowed hard, like 3 feet I think, no joke.

Lucky for us, Tommy is a work horse and pretty much blazed the 2 hour long trail for the rest of us. It was subzero temps and Tommy climbed as though it was a beautiful spring afternoon. 5.14b I think it was. While the rest of us locked up with cramped muscles and chettering teeth, Tommy flowed like a fish down stream. Later on in the trip we drove south towards spain and I watched as Tommy lost lots of motivation. Don’t get me wrong, he still out climbed the three of us put together, but he was not as thrilled as he once was high in the cold mountians of Ceuse. And as for me, I was tip top. I was happy, rested and climbed well. Even in 35 degree in the blazing sun I managed to send 5.13c on my second go and flashed a few 5.13- climbs. I have always been a warm weather person and TC performs better in the blistering cold. It doens’t make any sense to me how people can climb with ice hanging from their chalk bag, but damn, if that’s what they want, they can have it.

Now that it’s almost 1pm here on a perfect Saturday afternoon, I think I shall take my girlfriend for adrive out to the Lake and see what kind of trouble we can get into. I have a new project up there that I am soooo stoked about, (more about that later though) and she wants to run a few laps on Liquid Sky, which is fine with me, it’s possibly the best 5.11c in the world.

I hope everyone is enjoying the fine summer sunshine we are having and if you are bored, fire up the BBQ, mix a stiff Vodka and Orange juice, turn on the sprinkler, invite 12 of your closest girlfriends over with white t-shirts on and have yourself a party.

  • Patrick Hillman

    Hey Sonnie it’s pat from the wilderness first aid course, good to hear about your springs trips, sounded fun. I just saw the dave macleod movie about requiem at the wanaka mountain film festival here in new zealand, it was really good.

    I got a few climbs in at the back of the lake before heading down here to do some more skiing. some like the heat, some like the cold.

    looking through your site i see a link for marty smets… i went to school with marty up at laurentian way back, what a small wonderful world….

    keep crankin, great site. pat

  • Sonnie Trotter

    Hey Patrick,

    Dude, great to hear from you. SOunds like you are having quite the adventure out there, nice. New Zealand? Damn boy you sure get around. Yah, Marty is a good fellow for sure and one talented string picker. I really need to drop him a line and say hi. I also ran into Lee the other day, he’s doing well, happy as usual and getting back into climbing. Saw him cranking at Heart Creek. Yahooo. Enjoy your travels Pat, we’ll see you upon your return.