You know that feeling of complete exhaustion?

Where you can’t feel your legs (and it’s probably better that way) but at the same time, you can’t wipe that shit eating grin off your face cause your so worked and maybe just maybe you actually did something productive that day that makes you feel proud? Yah?

Well, I don’t feel any of that. I CAN feel my legs and they hurt like a son of a bitch, and I am not smiling because I am so dehydrated and the only thing I accomplished today was to get out of bed before noon. But yesterday, oh ya, yesterday…

My frined Nick and I managed to finish the “work” part of a new climb up on Yamnuska. It’s fully bolted (often sparingly) and ready to rock and roll. Unfortunately we didn’t have any reserves left over to actually free the climb. It’s a sitting project for whoever has the guns and the nerves. IT IS AWESOME. Everything came together to form four brilliant pitches of 5.12 and 5.13 up on the Orange Wall.

Take the loose and scary scramble up the Calgary Route 5.6. When you get to a chill gravel ledge, chill. Look up, the wall is over your head. Unfortunately the choss stone that Yam is famous for found it’s way into our new line. We decided it was better to break left on bomber rock than to force a line through all that horrible nastyness. In the end, we got about 150 meters of steep, brilliant European limestone. Stay tuned for a go at the free ascent. When and if we can recover.

I added three new pcitures to the photo gallery and when I can figure out how to attach pics to this page, I will and it will be rad. Until then check the gallery frequently as I am on a mission to get up some more stuff. Like a documentation of a day on Yam, through the eyes of two climbers, bad-ass Brandon and way-wild Will.