Yo, here is to all ya’ll having a bitchin Canada Day.

The Bow Valley is nuts right now, it seems like the population tripled over night, or more. It sort of feels like we are living in a city right now, not just some small town of 15,000.

Yesterday we went out to Cathedral Mountian and did some bouldering at Spiral Tunnel. Dem boulders are dope. It’s a place that is both good and bad. The trails are hard to find between areas but not too bad, just not super obvious. The rock is really good quality, but often short, somtimes with talus landings and the top is very hard to clean, so be ready for a heady finish. It’s all pretty exciting though and if climbing were perfect each and every time out, well we’d be living in Font and the rain over there in France can really suck. So let’s just enjoy what we got, and pull down with some friends. Thanks Nathan for driving and thanks to you Pete for bringing along a pretty girl and for your endless humor. Luke, you is one funny C___ and it was great to see you again. Simon, it seems managing a rock gym for a living in Calgary has set you on fire for the real thing. You bounce bewteen boulders and you are stronger than ever, next time you see Lev, tell him to suck it up – ha ha.

After that we made a last ditch effort to squeeze grips at Lake Louise, I think we were the last climbers there and we climbed until dark which was about 11:00 pm. That place is beautiful and on our way out the hotel lit up with a thousand rooms worth of orange glow, I know it was artificial, but it looked awesome reflecting off the lake water. I just love this time of year, more day time than we can ever dream of and yet, we still want more.

I hope everyone is having a wicked-ass adventure out there, and if you got time to post something interesting, be my guest.