It's Summer For sure.

The mornings are still cold and crisp here in Canmore. But the skies are clear and the rock is (mostly) dry. The day before yesterday I went to heart creek with a few friends, that place is super fun, short quality hike, short quality climbing, can’t ask for more. I am interested in putting up a few new routes on that big wall to the right just before the second to last bridge. If anyone has motivation or information please let me know.

And yesterday I went with friends Brandon and Will to check out Yam. A failed mission for Astro Yam, left us tooling around on the CMC wall, which was super fun, sunny and very exposed. Good rock too. Don’t let the cover fool you, Yam is a great book that is a must read.

Today we are driving out to Lake Louise. I have heard rumors and seen glimpses of a climb that may or may not be possible, Hmmmm, sounds interesting.

Let the sun shine for many months to come and may you all climb until your heart desire or your fingers break and bleed.


  • owen

    have you ever been climbing at th stoneworks. a couple of us are thinking of checking it out tomorrow, providing it doesn’t rain.

  • Sonnie Trotter

    Hey Owen,

    No, I’ve never heard of it, maybe you could tell me a little more. I am certainly interested. Bouldering? How far?

    Keep me posted, if you’d like to talk more, try e-mailing me. I heard the forecast isn’t looking super good, so who knows. I am however thinking about checking out Ravens Crag soon.

    If you do go tomorrow and I don’t hear from you, i hope ya’ll have fun. Thanks for the word, cheers.


  • owen

    YO, so I sent you an email with some more info. let me know if you didn’t get it.