The official start of summer.

I’ve been home in Canmore now for a week and it has not stopped raining, until today. Yesterday it even snowed, now that’s a bitch ain’t it? It’s nearly the end of June and we got that fluffy white stuff haunting our limestone dreams. All I can see when I close my eyes is seeping pockets at Accephale and wet cold cracks up on Yam. Which is all fine and dandy for those of you who love a little bit of suck now and again, you know the ones, I think they are called alpinists or something. They just love those wet cracks, frost covered slabs and the thoughts that maybe, just maybe an avalanche could graze their path. Uh-un, not me, I want bullet hard rock, dry, sunny temps, a beefy sandwich in my pack and cold beers waiting in the river. I want to feel the climbing, the moves, the breath and that nasty pump that just won’t go away. I want to be back at the car by dark and a have a glass of wine when I get home.

So, during this week of blah, I picked up a paint brush and been helping my friend with a painting job he’s got a deadline for. I can say this, bad weather certainly forces us to look at our lives with a different perspective. For example, I realized that I have no money (again) and a little side job is not going to hurt the bank account, but maybe 5 days in a row up at Greasy Lakes will.

So, to all those stuck in bad weather right now, don’t be afraid to try, at least try, to be productive. I’ll let you know how it works out for me. And on the brighter side of things, they say we are over the hump, sunny days ahead and the good life shall begin all over again. I declare today the official start of summer in the bow valley. So sharper your drill bits, buy some extra chalk and take a close look at your ropes for core shots – It’s okay to let your friends drive shit can cars, but it’s not okay to let them go first and jug 1000 feet up your fixed but nearly severed static line. Geoff knows what I’m talking about. Play safe.


  • petewoods

    1000 feet? that doesn’t sound like bouldering…

    and maybe you should be building an Ark in your spare time…

  • Nick Sagar

    Come paint my house boyo!!! I got extra cash for you.

  • Sonnie Trotter

    Ha ha, pretty funny boyz. I ain’t building no arc, when the rain comes again this fall I am leaving for Spain, Oct Nov sucks. As for painting your house Nick, maybe if you found some decent rock in Nova Scotia it would be worth the trip, but all those little pebbles you keep raving about just ain’t cutting it, grin, Manmore gotz limestone and lot’s of it. Maybe it’s you who should be coming out here to work for me? You can carry my Hilti drill and battery for me up to the Ghost. That reminds me, Planet X is dope. Just did a new 5.14 up there with my buddy Derek and it’s a ripper, I am quickly changing my tune about the quality of rock in the Bow, ya just gotta know where to look, can’t be afraid to hike or get your feet wet and put in a little effort to clean them up. Word to my man Gery for all his efforts.

  • Alex

    Hi Sonnie:

    This is Alex. I am Lydia’s Dad. I read with interest about your expeditions. Where are you now? What is your next plan?

    Write me a note.

    Take care of yourself and do not fall from any mountain!


  • Sonnie Trotter

    Hello Alex,

    Thanks for the kind advice. I always do my best not to fall off in the mountains, ha ha. I am currently in Canmore and the weather is ideal. Today Lydia and I and a good crew of people went to Lake Louise to climb. It was beautiful. It’s really hard to express how pretty it is there until you just surround yourself by it and then it’s undeniable. Tangable.

    I have many plans. I think I will saty put all summer though, the climbing here is just too good to be true. Back to Europe in the fall and then a two month escape to the colorful tapestry of sounds, tastes, smells and people, the place they call India.

    Thanks for the note, it’s good to hear from you.