What to do?

So the plane landed just fine and dandy into Glasgow, an expensive taxi got us into Dumbarton around 2am. Fortunately we got some wonderful hospitality from Dave and Clair and we have been sleeping in the living room. Oh the to be on the road.

Our first day back was wondeful, it wasn’t perfect, the crack still wet and the the holds humid, but it was not raining and we did our best. I am still suffering from bad skin issues, so I tried to do the best I could with tape. Yesterday Nick Rocheswhich made a clean top rope ascent of Requiem E8. WHich is good news and bad news according to him, good because ne can do it, bad because now he has to lead it.

Today has proven to be a dark and rainy. However there are still 8 hours of sunlight left and we are praying for a spot of clear skies. Our trip is coming to a close and I am not going to lie, it’s fairly frustrating. It’s not like traveling to Bishop in California or Spain for good weather, here the rain and the cloud cover determine everything. But that is also the beauty of this place, it makes those moments of ideal stick factor that much sweeter. So to those about to rock, we salute you.


  • Fly back to Mallorca…the weather sucks up in here…

    from Nick Sagar sitting in the rain in England!

  • sonnie Trotter

    Hey Nick,

    Yah brah, I am with you all the way. The Uk is a hard place to be travel for. I cannot believe how much it rains – and I thought Squamish was bad.

    Anyway, I’m home now in Canmore, Blue skies and putting up a new line at Yamnuska. It’s sick. I’ll see you in B.C. next week I guess. Safe travels.

    By the way, check out the new gallery I added, there are just a few random pics from our trip, but I got a super funny picture of Fynn. Tell that kid I said…

    ” Whasssup bay? “


  • Suzanne

    Steady on, our rain in the UK is no worse than the rain on the West coast of BC; unless you were in the Lake district area; or Wales of course, as those areas do get more rain than the of the UK. Some would argue Scotland as well, having lived in Wales and in Scotland myself though, it is not so bad in Scotland.

    Sunnier days do tend to be more affluent on the South Coast.