North Bound

Mallorca has been a treat. But it's time to head back to Scotland and pray for good weather. My skin has healed from the razor sharp crimpers of Rhapsody and both Cory and Nick have gotten enough sun to last them all summer. So we are ready to turn the page and switch from Deep water solo mode to hard scary crap our pants trad mode. It is going to be awesome.

Dave Macloed and his partner Clair who are perhaps the worlds kindest people are letting us house sit for them while they are on vacation. I think having a place to stay will make our last 4 days far more enjoyable than sitting in the Budha Bar all day waiting for the rain to stop. You can only drink so many beers before noon.

A few days ago we tried to climb at the El Diable wall, but it was still early and the wall was seeping – such a bummer. I had my eye on the very aesthetic and very intimidating Lock Stock and two smoking barrels, which is 5.13 something that Klem climbed a few years back, it's a beautiful line, but will have to wait until next year. I did however manage to flash a few 5.13's (not nearly as high) over by the Metro Sexual cave. As fun as it gets.

I gotta go, we have six hours of climbing to do before the plane leaves and one more dip in the ocean would be nice. Next destination, Dumbarton rock.