Cala'Dor, Mallorca

Last night we took a trip away from the beach and into the big smoke for some beers and socializing. We met 8 girls from Germany who were here on vacation together and who turned out to be incredibly cool people. Too many drinks on our part led us to falling asleep on the pool furniture, lawn chairs and love seats.

Although the sleep was cold and uncomfortable, we had fun, it was nothing a strong cup of spanish coffee and an english breakfast couldn't fix.

Mallorca is littered with Germans. We have met more germans than mallorcans. Which is weird, after some time one would start to believe that zee germans own this tiny island. I suppose every country has it's GET-A-WAY place and this is it. The north americans go to Mexico, and the Aussies go to asia, the English go everywhere and the Italians and Greeks stay home because they have no reason to leave. How often do you hear about someone from the Bahama's declaring they want to go to northern Canada for fun? Rarely. It's always south, it's always for sun and for surf, and that I can totally relate to.

Well, it's another day in paradise so I think we shall get to the grocery store for some food and water and go rock climbing. Which reminds me of a funny story, yesterday Cory Richards a friend of mine who was hoping to take some pictures of us climbing, broke his rock ring anchor and fell 40 feet into the ocean yesterday, camera, clothes and everything. The rock sunk to the bottom (without hitting him) and the rope wrapped around his neck, the boy is lucky to be alive, but his canon 5D may have some problems. It was also his birthday. WHOA! But he is all smiles now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORY.

CHeers ya'll.