This place is crazy!

So far Australia has not been what I expected.  To be honest it's not very cultural and aside form the Kangaroo's and the driving on the other side of the road bit, it feels much like Canada.

With that being said, the rock here is without question WORLD CLASS.  We are now staying with some friends in Horsham.  We are 20 minutes from Mt. Arapiles and 30 min from the Grampians.  Life is good.

I just wanted to make sure I remembered how to edit these blogs, so here it is.  I will be in touch soon with a more in depth and personalized report.

Best wishes.


  • Mike Shannon

    How does your camel-toe look on the other side of the equator?

    Love Mike

  • Sonnie Trotter

    Yah dude,

    Camel toes look pretty much the same down under as they do in Kelowna, but what is different is that we can’t see the dippers in the sky, nor the man in the moon and they eat their hamburgers with Eggs and Beetroot. Also, the girls run around topless and every guy here has a really bad beach blonde mullet. They also seem to really love bumper stickers, like the one that said “my wife is a slut” or “Bonjour Bitches” the really classy stuff, you know.

    Gotta go climbing, the sandstone is falling apart as we speak and the routes are not getting any easier, but I shall have some good stories to tell you over beers when I get back, or hell maybe another slide show is in order just for fun.


  • James

    funny to hear, I’m an Australian currently living in Canada (Canmore) & I think exactly the same thing about Canada – ie not that cultured, similar to Australia. The skiing & winter climbing here is wicked though.

    You just need to go to the right places (eg: hang in Melboure for a bit) – a lot of the country towns, especially in western Victoria, are pretty hick.

    Enjoy though, I miss the Gramps.

  • doug scown

    No culture in Horsham??!! Is that because there are no medieval castles or wenches with beer steins? Why I had my appendix out in Horsham. It’s a lovely place! Apart from the drought and the flies and the ….

  • Sonnie Trotter

    Well, let’s just say there is little culture, not no culture.

    The flies can be a little bit much, but I got used to them and when the wind picked up it was almost perfect. And to give the Sham a bit more credit, they started doing this once a month locals market thing and it was awesome. I got some incredible olive oils and some salad dressings and whole stack of meat pies. Now there is something you can’t get in Canada. A good meat pie, with chopped liver and onions.

    And yes, I had a kick ass time in Melbourne, got to ride a scooter through down town and we had beers on Fitz Roy street, just so we could say we did. Fun city though, I thought it was like the best of Montreal, the best of Vancouver and Santa Monica all rolled into one.

    Back in Canada now and the Bow Valley is having some crap weather. I’d shave my head to be back in Horsham right now surrounded by rock. I envy that Mike Doyle guy.