This is it, my last chance to write anything before our departure to Kangaroo Island. No really, there is actually a place called Kangaroo Island, which is supposed ot be breathtakingly beautiful. Can’t wait.

I want to thank everyone who came to the Vancouver Mountain Film Festival, I wasn’t aware that it was the tenth anniversary and it was wonderful to see the great support and the special shout out to Alan the organizer. The crew did a great job to pull things off and it seemed to me as though everyone had a “bitchin” time. The beer was refreshing and I hope ya’ll had as much fun as I did. Josune put on a sick show about her climbing in Europe and there was some jaw dropping footage of her big wall sport climbing exploits that will stay in my head for a long long time. Thanks to her and Rico.

As for Australia. What more can I say? The worlds best snadstone – gotta love it. Thanks for the kind and helpful words below, my back is in TIP TOP condition after 6 sessions at the chiro. Can’t wait to pull down. Best wishes.

  • April

    Happy Travels! Say hey to Doyle and Audrey! See you when you get back.

  • rob baker

    Sonnie and Will

    give me a call when you get back from araps. you are welcome to borrow my moonarie guidebook and grampians one.

    also got a converted van for sale.

    i’ll try to get to moonarie with you when you go too.



    0439893486 mobile

  • Aili

    Love the new website kid! Hope you are having a great time in Australia.