Hey Y’all,

Today is family day in Alberta, imagine that. It’s incredible. We don’t have this in other parts of Canada I don’t think, I was told today it’s only an Alberta thing. Well – it’s fantastic. The Bow Valley is swarming with happy families, boy’s, girls, husbands and wives just strolling the streets, skiing and playing about.

My friend Laura thinks that we should have a family day every month, and I could not agree more. Can you imagine the love that this holiday could promote? What else are you going to do on family day (Monday) but spend time with loved ones. I say screw all the fathers day – mothers day bull and create 12 family days a year. Just a thought. Work less, play more and spread the LOVE.

So, if you read my last report, I talked about back pain. Well, we have learned a few things since then. It’s not really my back it’s my Psoas muscles. I have always had tight hips, good turnout but horrible turn in. The psoas are linked from the base of the hip up to the L5 vertabre. Tight muscles pull on the back, thinking you have bad back pain.

Here is my theory.

When climbers climb steep walls and their feet cut loose, they flex the upper abdominal muscles to slow down our SWING. Our lower abs are not very strong. If you feel hip pain, lower back pain or your ego is bruised, check out this link, it’s very, very interesting.

I am leaving for Australia in one week, should be a ripper.


  • Hi

    I’m an aussie climber living in Napa California. So you are off to australia hey. Check out Ozimandais at Mt. Buffalo., long (for australia) and hard trad.

    I’d love to see some pics of home on your wed page. Have fun in the sun.



  • Sonnie Trotter

    Thanks Richie,

    Yah, am really looking forward to Oz. Our crux right now is looking for a good vehicle. Got any friends in Adelaide who want to sell a van or a Land Cruiser? Just a thought.

    Unfortunately I won’t make it to Mt.Buffalo this year, mostly just the Gramps and Arapiles. But I do plan to return of course, this will be the first trip of many I hope.

    Have fun in Cali and if it’s possible to let me know about any wheels for sale, it would be sincerely appreciated. Cheers.


  • Ya learn something new evreyady. It’s true I guess!