Why, do most climbing injuries happen indoors? I have friends who tore hamstrings off the bone from a heel-toe hook combination gone horribly wrong. I’ve seen head injuries, broken ankles and hair chopped from a gri gri snag.

Most recently, I tweaked my back while jumping down off a problem. I’ve been walking around like an old man all week, hunched over, staring at my toes. I dropped off the top of a 15 foot wall, just like I have a thousand times. I suppose I landed funny and KABAM – tweaker.

I actually went to see my very first Chiropractor and he was surprisingly helpful. I always thought that shit was just voodoo hocus-pocus magic, but who knew they know so much? After some extremely painful extensions, I got some mobility back. I am beginning to be a believer. Slowly.

In fact I was able to actually have a good session in the gym again last night, but after each problem, I always down climbed a few holds before dropping off, it’s better on the bod I guess. My friend Kitt says “protect that shiz, we only got the UNO”. So, my message of the day is, warm up, play hard be pay attention.

I shall try to follow my own advice.


  • I hear ya man. Maybe it’s an age thing or I dunno. I find that jumping down from the tops of problems in the gym a little jolting. I stick to the technique of down climbing a few moves and then jumping. I finally got over a finger injury that lasted 3 months. It wasn’t a tweaked tendon or anything, it felt like a bruise at the base of my finger. The season’s going to begin soon, don’t write yourself off before then!

  • Sonnie Trotter

    Ha, I hope we are not getting old Jamie, 18 forever!!!!!

    So you won’t believe this, went snowboarding today, awesome snow, warm and dry. Towards the end of my “take it easy” day I hit one of them straight up – straight down ramps. It was icy, I went too fast and over rotated. Shit. Came down on the flats, hit the side of my board and it spun me in a corkscrew pattern. I felt my back pain all over again in just a split second. I lay there with a smile, almost laughing at my stupidity. I shook it off and carried on. But now, things are stiff again and I think I will rent a weeks worth of movies and stay home until I’m fixed up.

    Okay, I need to chill out and rest up for the spring season. Peace out.

  • david t.

    yo sonnie…

    i just read that interview of yours in climbing….man that was some funny sh**! i was stoked to watch you that day when you sent cobra….but the best part of that was when you up and lit a camel after the send!! that’s the story i like tell everyone…there’s some real traddin’ fer’ya… you are shining example for the aspiring brodini.

  • Sonnie Trotter


    It’s been a while, I trust things are well. Glad you liked the interview. I have always denied the notion of doing a feature article. But when JT told me he wanted to write it I agreed, because I knew he’d make it hilarious. That night in the bar in WY was classic, 2 am falling over with laughter drinking Budweiser.

    What’s a brodini? Sounds cool. The camel was a tasty treat but everything in moderation right. Best wishes champ.

  • jaeger

    just wanted to say i’m psyched for the updated website…

    quick recovery wishes, etc.


  • sonnie Trotter

    Thanks J, it means a lot. I hope soon to have some good video content in the gallery sections as well, but the clips will probably be more of silly antics than climbing, ha ha.