Over the hill

Thanks guys for the comments below. I’m glad you like the new site, it was a lot of fun to put together but has a long way to go in terms of content and what not. Thanks to Jamie Chong for that.

So, here in Canmore, Alberta it is +15 and sunny outside. Absolutely beautiful. The days are getting longer and I would say we are over the hump of winter. Spring is on it’s way and I for one have been feeling the effects already. As most people who are not vampires, my energy picks up and my mood in general has a huge effect on daylight. I think it’s going to be a great year.

I will be constantly updating this site. I have lot’s of fun articles to include and more and more photo albums as well as upcoming video archive. I hope to share a collection of fun quicktime files from my travels and what not. This weekend I am off to Salt Lake City for the twice annual Outdoor Retailers show. It’s a lot of hussle and bussle, but the drinking and laughing afterwards more than makes up for it.

I gotta go and enjoy the sunshine, it’s too good to be true.


Sonnie Trotter

  • hey sonnie, i was just curious as to what were your favourite places to climb in alberta. I havn’t been to many different places, but of those i have, i really enjoy barrier mountain. i think for new area’s this year i really want to get out to lake louise….and i also really want to get out to bataan. anyway, enjoy your aussie trip

  • sonnie Trotter

    Hey Owen,

    Wow, sorry for my late reply – it’s easy to get caught up on life and forget about the old posts.

    Lake Louise is AWESOME and I can’t wait for summer to get out there again, the rock is really really good and has a good collection of climbs from easy to hard that are all very high quality. Bataan is certainly another big tick. I have friends who are up there already bolting new lines. The season is on. I really like Accephale as well, but the truth is I am more keen on going into the Ghost River Valley than anywhere else, ground up first ascents, YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    See you out there,