Hampi Footage

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Five years ago, my wife Lydia and I spent 3 months traveling around the most incredible country in the World.   INDIA.

After watching Chris Sharma and friends in the movie “Pilgrimage”, I decided I had to go and see this wonderland of rocks for myself. The dream was to try some of his first ascents, and hopefully add a few of my own.

Hampi is one of the most unique landscapes I have ever laid eyes on. It colorfully combines hundreds of miles of orange boulders with lush green rice fields and endless purple sunsets. Toss in an exotic menu, an ancient culture, and friendly people from every corner of the globe, and you have a life altering climbing/traveling experience.

This forgotten footage is from some of the classic problems me and my friends enjoyed. I hope you enjoy some of them too.

Hampi 2008 from Sonnie Trotter on Vimeo.

Category : Climbing

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  1. [...] Sonnie Trotter was one of those people who hopped on the Hampi express back when it was cool. And it looks like he just found archival footage of his trip from that year, and decided to put it up online. It’s either that, or his Canadian bandwidth just finally finished uploading and rendering his Vimeo vid, five years later. [...]

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